About Terry

Near Death Experience 

An sudden attack by 2 armed robbers caused a strange out

of body experience, beyond space time with beings who

showed me a past and future life review.


I returned to a body and world that felt completely foreign,

with unusual abilities to accurately sense people's illnesses,

injuries, world events and connect with departed souls.

 I had amnesia for eleven months, before realizing I couldn't

read, and didn't recognize my family or myself!   

It took many years of therapies, research and training to 

help me recover from my injuries, and hone these new

abilities which I use to help others.


See Testimonials page to understand my accuracy.

  • Medical Intuitive

    I accurately perceive illness (past, present & potential future), injuries & accidents, regardless of location using medical mediumship, multiple sciences & non-local consciousness applications, for you or others- present or not. 


    I  sense morphogenetic fields in people's bodies and share all information during your Reading.


    Doctors call me a 'Healer'.  When people request distance healing, they often report feeling sensations in their bodies

  • Medium Reading

    I help people experience the eternal nature of spirit when departed souls convey fine accurate details about their life, shared memories and  messages for you and/or others.

    Medium Readings can help people heal from unresolved grief, and help those who didn't have a chance to say goodbye.


    People who die by suicide ,or murder share details that provide understanding  

    and promote healing, regardless

    of how or when they died.

  • Group Reading

    Group readings provided 

    by Skype or Zoom video

    during Covid 19 pandemic. 


    Family and friends each receive 

    an accurate Reading, and email

    gift of Additional Resources for

    long term support and insight.

    Inspiration, hope & healing,

    with proof of our divine

    nature is experienced when

    departed souls share messages

    during mediumship segments.

  • Business Reading

    Precise information in any industry, regardless of time or location for anyone, present or not, using advanced controlled remote viewing and other non-local consciousness applications.

    Accurate Intuitive Services provided by phone or video in USA and Canada,

    or Internationally via Zoom/Skype. 


    Confidentiality contracts,

    nondisclosure agreements

    and long term project work

    available upon request.

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