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About Terry

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Near-Death Experience 


In 1986, I survived a violent assault by 2 armed robbers left me with a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, amnesia, and spinal damage. Emerging from amnesia after 11 months, I realized I couldn't read, recognize my family, or even myself.

With the help of a neurologist and a dedicated team of health professionals, I gradually relearned how to read, write, walk and interact all over again. It felt like starting a new life from scratch.

Despite these challenges, the experience gifted me with the ability to intuitively perceive various aspects of people's lives, from their health to their relationships, business and more. Motivated by these abilities, I underwent extensive training to hone these skills and now use them to assist others.

To schedule an appointment, choose a time and day that align with your schedule from the calendar. Upon payment you receive an email confirmation with a Zoom link for our meeting. 


  • Quantum University: Neuroscience, neuroplasticity, neurofeedback, biofeedback, heart rate variability, student

  • Tony Robbins: Coaching 

  • NICABM (National Institute of Behavioral Medicine): Neuroscience, neuropsychiatry, neurobiology of trauma, PTSD, treating trauma, healing, management, former student

  • Cornell University: Nutritional Science (PBNC), Professor T. Colin Campbell, former student

  • Institute of Noetic Science: former researcher 

  • Arthur Findlay College: Stansted England, spiritual development, former student

  • Arthur Findlay College: Tutor Andy Byng, spiritual development, former student

  • International Remote Viewing Association: former member, researcher

  • Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), Lori Williams, basic CRV training, former student

  • Controlled Remote Viewing: Lyn Buchanan, intermediate, advanced, medical applications, former student

  • Controlled Remote Viewing: John Glass, advanced training for world operations, former student 

  • Psychic Detective Training: Pam Coronado, controlled remote viewing for missing or murdered persons, former student

  • David Kessler: Grief and Bereavement Training, former student

  • Applied Precognition Project (APPI): Marty Rosenblatt, former member, researcher and former student

  • Rhine Research Center: Controlled Remote Viewing, Advanced Applications, former student 

  • International Children's Project NGO Founder: The Entrepreneurial Learning Foundation invited me to teach entrepreneurial strategies to gifted 5/6 students. I created a cross-cultural project around the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) with Marigold Elementary grades 5/6 gifted students and students in India. We received recognition from HRH Queen Noor of Jordan, President Clinton, Superintendent of Schools, awards from the BC Human Rights Commission and invited to Ottawa for my work promoting the UNCRC.

  • BC  Federal Liberal Women's Commission: Former Victoria representative for BC Federal Liberal Women's Commission

  • BC Federal Liberal Organizational Chair: to Honorable Keith Martin MP Liberal Party, support to Honorable Dr. Carolyn Bennett, and other MP's

  • Royal Roads University: Industry systems analyst, security, networking, computer build, former student

  • International Association for Near Death Studies (NDE): 3x NDE experiencer, former member and researcher

  • Vancouver Island Near Death Experience Association: public education, hosted weekly support group on Vancouver Island for people who had NDE's and Out of body experiences, changed consciousness, hosted TV, radio, conferences, former co-chair


  • Medical and Scientific Research Network's: former member and researcher

  • Youth Group Leader: Youth group leader, church secretary, family education and counselling support with pastors

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