About Terry

Near Death Experience 

A sudden attack by 2 armed robbers caused a strange out-of-body experience in another realm where I  saw my own life review. When I returned my body and life felt foreign, as if I

was a different person with a new life plan. I soon realized I came back with unusual abilities 

to sense people's illnesses, injuries, life events, connect to departed souls and much more. 

 11 months post-amnesia I realized I couldn't read, didn't recognize my family, or myself!

Years of therapies, research and training helped me recover and hone these abilities which I use to help others. Select any Reading with a time and day that suits your schedule in the calendar when booking, then you will receive an email Zoom link to connect to your session.


  • Quantum University: Neuroscience, Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Heart Math, Student

  • NICABM Behavioral Medicine: Neuropsychiatry, PTSD & Trauma Management, Former Student

  • David Kessler: Grief and Bereavement Training, Former Student

  • Arthur Findlay College: Stansted England, Spiritual Development, Platform Mediumship, Former Student

  • Arthur Findlay College: Tutor Andy Byng, continuing Spiritual Development & Mediumship, online courses

  • Mediumship Training: with Alyson Gannon,Spiritual Disciplines, ongoing classes

  • Cornell University: Nutritional Science Professor T. Colin Campbell, Former Student, Nutritional Coach

  • Rhine Research Center,:Controlled Remote Viewing, Advanced Applications, Former Student 

  • Institute of Noetic Science: ongoing Research 

  • International Remote Viewing Assoc: Former Member & Researcher

  • Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV), Lori Williams Basic CRV Training, Former Student

  • Controlled Remote Viewing: Lyn Buchanan, Intermediate, Advanced, Medical App's, Former Student

  • Controlled Remote Viewing: John Glass Advanced Training for World Operations, Former Student

  • Psychic Detective Training: for Missing or Murdered Persons with Pam Coronado, Former Student

  • Applied Precognition Project (APPI): Marty Rosenblatt,  Former Member, Researcher & Student

  • International Children's Project, Founder. Promote UNCRC global human rights for children. Recognition from HRH Queen Noor of Jordan, President Clinton, Human Rights Commission, Superintendent of Schools

  • Medical and Scientific Research Networks,:Former Member and Researcher

  • BC  Federal Liberal Women's Commission, Former Victoria Representative ​

  • BC Federal Organizational Chair: to Keith Martin MP Liberal Party, and other MP's, Former Support

  • Royal Roads University: Industry Systems Analyst

  • International Assoc. for Near Death Studies (IANDS): 3 time NDE Experiencer, Former Member, Researcher, Support Groups, Public Education, University Conferences, NDE & Out of Body Experience TV Programs, TV Host 

  • Vancouver Island NDE Assoc: Public Education, TV, Conferences, Former Co-Chair 

  • Youth Group Leader: Church Secretary, Family Education & Counselling with Pastor for local Community