About Terry

Near Death Experience 

A brutal attack by 2 armed robbers in 1986, caused an out-of-body near death experience, leading to a past and future life review with spirit-like beings in another realm. I began coming out of amnesia 11 months after the assault to realize I couldn't read and didn't recognize my family or myself. It felt like whoever I was died and someone else came into a different body with remarkable new abilities to accurately sense into people's bodies, illnesses, injuries, lives, events, connect to departed souls to share accurate after-death messages and more. 

Years of therapies with various professionals helped me recover from a traumatic brain injury and  physical injuries. I pursued extensive medical and scientific research to help me understand what happened to me, then obtained advanced training in controlled remote viewing, medical and spiritual medium-ship and other spiritual disciplines to hone my abilities which I use to help others. See the Testimonials page to understand my accuracy, then book a Reading for yourself, or purchase as a Gift for someone you care about.

  • Medical Intuitive

    I accurately sense illness, injuries and accidents, regardless of time or location (past, present, potential future), using medical mediumship and other non-local consciousness applications, for you or anyone, present or not during a Reading. 

    Doctors call me a 'Healer'. I  sense morphogenetic fields in people's bodies and share all impressions. 


    Many people request distance healing during sessions, and report feeling a variety of sensations in their body during energy work.

  • Medium Reading

    I help people experience the eternal nature of love when departed souls convey evidential messages about their life, with shared memories and messages for you and/or others

    Medium Readings can help people who didn't have the chance to say goodbye before someone died.


    Those who died by suicide share evidential messages through after death communications that help foster healing for all involved,

    regardless of how/when they died.

  • Group Reading

    Group readings are provided by Skype, FB or Zoom during the Covid19 crisis. Family and friends enjoy a meaningful experience.


    Be open to receiving accurate detailed personal insights and messages for each person.

    Clarity, inspiration, hope and healing takes place on many

    levels, while providing proof of

    our divine spiritual nature from mediumship messages.

    Those who want privacy can have their Reading in a separate call.

  • Business Reading

    Precise detailed information in any industry, regardless of time or location for anyone, present or not, using advanced controlled remote viewing and other non-local consciousness applications.

    Accurate Intuitive Services provided by phone or video in USA and Canada, or Internationally by Skype, Facebook or Zoom video. 


    Confidential custom contracts and nondisclosure agreements available upon request, with firm quotes for long term projects.

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