About Terry

Enlightening Near Death Experience 

A brutal attack by 2 armed robbers as I was leaving work in 1986, caused an out-of-body near death experience, that led to a past and future life review with 3 spirit-like entities in another realm.  I began coming out of amnesia 11 months after the assault and realized I couldn't read, didn't recognize my family or myself. It felt like whoever I was had died and someone else took over in a body and life I didn't recognize. I felt like a completely different person with remarkable new abilities to accurately see into people's bodies, illnesses, injuries, lives, events, connect to departed souls, share after death messages and more. 

Years of therapies with many caring professionals helped me recover from a traumatic brain injury and multiple physical injuries. When I could read again, I pursued medical and scientific research to help me understand the extent of what happened to me, then I obtained extensive training in controlled remote viewing, medical applications and spiritual mediumship to hone my abilities which I use to help others. I encourage you to read the Testimonials page to understand my accuracy then book an appointment for yourself, or purchase as a Gift for someone you care about.

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