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  • How do I make an appointment?
    Make an appointment online at by selecting the service, time, and date to fit your needs and make payment. Credit and debit cards and etransfers accepted.
  • How can I prepare for my appointment?
    Center your mind and body and take slow deep breaths while feeling your pulse before your appointment for a good connection.
  • Can my session be recorded?
    You can ask that your appointment be recorded on Zoom, or you can record it on your device. You receive detailed notes (and your recording if wanted) by email.
  • What topics can be addressed?
    There are no off-limit topics. Ask Terry about any area of your life, experiences, or business.
  • Can I ask questions?
    Yes, you can ask questions to ensure your concerns are addressed.
  • Is accuracy guaranteed?
    To understand Terry's accuracy see the Testimonials page. She cannot guarantee 100% accuracy as this is not an exact science.
  • What information is provided?
    Terry connects to you and others in your life, both living and deceased, to report past, present, and future details on any topic in life, relationship, or business with precision using medical & spiritual mediumship, controlled remote viewing, and coaching.
  • Will I get answers to my concerns?
    Your questions and concerns are addressed, along with additional information for your overall well-being.
  • What will I get for my money?
    Specific outcomes are not guaranteed as this is not an exact scientific process. Terry’s goal is to offer you valuable insights, guidance, and supportive coaching. You are paying for Terry’s time and expertise.
  • How long of an appointment do I need if I have a lot of questions?
    Schedule 45 to 60 minutes for either the Multiple Topic or Controlled Remote Viewing session and prioritize the information that is most important for you to get during your reading. This will ensure a comprehensive and focused appointment.
  • What if I need to reschedule my session?
    Use the Contact page to reschedule your session and request a time that fits your schedule. There are no refunds and appointments can be gifted to others.
  • Is my privacy protected?
    Absolutely. All appointments are confidential. Your privacy is respected.
  • Can I book an appointment for someone else?
    Yes, you can book an appointment for someone else by booking online.
  • Can Terry help with business-related questions?
    Yes, Terry can provide insights and guidance on business-related topics, including career decisions, business partnerships, financial matters, goals and plans of anyone involved.
  • What payment methods are accepted?
    Various payment methods are accepted, including major credit and debit cards, etransfer and additional online payment platforms. Detailed information is available during the booking process.
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