• Accurate Insight

    Accurate intuitive services and support beyond traditional models using Advanced Controlled Remote Viewing, Medical and Spiritual Mediumship, neurosciences, and Non-local Consciousness applications.

    People don't need to be present for me to gather information for or about them, in any field, regardless

    of time or location. 

    Missing or murdered person's regardless of time or location. 

    Health, illness, injury, life changes

    NDE's, PTSD, OBE's, Contact

    Relocation, Career, Business

    Finance, Politics, Military

    Relationships (work/family/love)

  • Medical Intuitive

    I sense illness, injuries and accidents, regardless of time (past, present, potential future) or location, for you or others (present or not) during your phone or video Reading.  

    Many people say they feel sensations during their session. If I sense something of concern I may suggest you follow up with a Doctor.


    I provide detailed notes and email GIFT of Additional Resources (value $80) for ongoing support and insight.


    Readings can be recorded on your device, over Skype, Zoom or Facebook video. Read Testimonials page to understand my accuracy before booking your appointment.

  • Controlled Remote Viewing

    Business & Corporate Services

    Highly accurate detailed information gathering service for any industry, regardless of size, time or location for you or anyone, present or not.

    Phone in USA and Canada, or International sessions via Skype, Zoom or Facebook video, using advanced controlled remote viewing, sciences and non-local consciousness based applications.


    Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements available. On-site services require travel expenses paid by client. CRV services charged for time and expertise (to be determined).

  • Mediumship

    Evidential Mediumship Readings can provide insight for those who didn't have a chance to say goodbye and help transform unresolved grief.

    I help people experience the eternal nature of love when departed souls share details about their life, shared memories, messages, how they passed and more.

    When people who die by suicide convey messages, they often share details about their life, shared memories, love and more.


    Healing between sitter and departed often takes place for all involved during these highly sensitive after-death communications. 

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