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Controlled Remote Viewing

Basic CRV Class

  • 8 hours
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Service Description

Learn Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) 3 Day Basic Class from the comfort of your home or office online through Zoom (no in-person learning during Covid 19 restrictions). Anyone can learn this martial art and apply it in any area of life or business. Learn a new language that allows you connect to any person, location, time, event or information, using non-local consciousness applications. Be prepared to be amazed at what you can achieve. CRV is a developing science, customized to meet individual needs and abilities and does not depend on personal beliefs, religion, nationality, paranormal, spiritual or life situation. You will become proficient in understanding what you are connecting to without the use of: a. the normal five senses b. help from other people or other means of outside information c. logic d. equipment, photographs, electronics, or other devices. “The person is the instrument” and develops higher enigmatic faculties. Basic Class is individualized. Enquire on Contact Page for the next available date and price. This is not an exact science. I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy for each impression shared. To understand my accuracy see Testimonials page. Class can be rescheduled. No refunds.

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Vancouver Island BC Canada